Piece A Part imagines contextual collections of works and objects of art dedicated to take place in different interiors, to unfold according to the meetings, or to evolve according to the spaces.

Bringing together artists, designers and architects, this project aims to present both useful and contemplative pieces, which transcend the boundaries between art and design: objects with extra soul, imagined in a quest for pleasure and timelessness.

Through an eclectic and polymorphous selection, Piece A Part then imagines arrangements with playful opulence and discreet elegance, in tension between past heritage and contemporary reading: it is about penetrating inspiring worlds, mixing stories and references in a mix of contrasts and concordances.



Emmanuelle Oddo, founder of Piece A Part, is graduated from Paris Dauphine University, where she studied marketing and luxury management. After several years in Paris spent in houses like Chloe or Isabel Marant, it is in art gallery in Buenos Aires that she refines her talent in contemporary art before becoming a writer for Parisian magazines specialized.

Back in Marseille, she worked as a curator at the Double V gallery or the Jogging concept store. She also collaborates with architects, such as François Champsaur, and contributes to the creation of an artistic fund of 120 artworks during the renovation of the Bailli de Suffren hotel, at Rayol Canadel (South of France).

Desiring to unite her passion for art, design and architecture in a project, she launched Piece A Part at the dawn of 2018.