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This first collection proposed by P I E C E A P A R T brings together the works of artist Caroline Denervaud, designer Arthur Hoffner, and ceramists Valentina Cameranesi, Daphne Corregan, Jessica Coates and Michel Müller (Studio MC) and Romy Northover.

In this imaginary living, signified by furnishing and interior fountains, ceramics interact with exhibited paintings in a common aesthetic. Beyond their decorative charge, these artworks and art objects tell us about emotions, space and physicality.  

This first P I E C E A P A R T proposal, entitled "Shapes, body and soul" and presented at the Double V Gallery (Marseille), focuses precisely on the involvement of the body in the act of creation. How not to note, indeed, in the work of Caroline Denervaud, the primordial importance of the movement and the gesture which are even becoming the foundations of her pictorial and performative practice: in a paper room, the artist abandons herself, a brush in her hand, in a continuous and necessary movement, bumping into the defined space. During these self-filmed moments, her body then draws what she likes to call "traces", intrinsic witnesses of her movements and emotions.

In 2016, New York-based ceramic artist Romy Northover offers Caroline the opportunity to incorporate her sandstone pieces into her performances and to transfigure them into paintings. The body, then more constrained in its momentum, will adapt to this presence and interact with it in an almost shamanic way, thus expressing the visceral character of ceramics in the sense that the importance does not lie so much in the final object than in the commitment - even the struggle - of the body in this act of creation. A postulate shared by Daphne Corregan or Valentina Cameranesi, for whom ceramics is a pretext for experimenting with new forms, nourished both by the reinterpretation of a past architectural heritage and by the evolution of feminine identity.


In this living beset by a discharge of color, it is thus a question of being seized by the force of these two elements which are the body and the clay, to be filled with the power of this ancestral matter, of the elegance of lines and gestures. Then comes between all these pieces, a romantic and sensual language, a contemporary nostalgia cascading into the hypnotic fountains of Arthur Hoffner.


Text by Emmanuelle Oddo


Exhibition visible at the Double V Gallery, from January 18th to March 3rd of 2018

28 rue Saint Jacques 13006 Marseille